April 29, 14:33

Ещё прочел отличную серию советов от писателя Hugh Howey. Больше для начинающих авторов художественных произведений, но и для других пишущих терапевтично кое-где.

“Don’t compare what you’re working on to what you’ve read from your favorite authors. Their rough drafts were nowhere near as wonderful and polished as the final product that you loved as a reader and that made you want to become a writer. Just like you, they had to get the words down on the page first. And then they had to go back and rewrite much of what they wrote, several times”.

(да, всё на английском)

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Writing Insights Part One: Becoming a Writer - Hugh Howey

I started writing my first novel when I was twelve years old. I was thirty-three when I completed my first rough draft. That’s twenty years of wanting to do something and not knowing how. Twenty years of failure and frustrations and giving up. A big part of the problem is that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know which questions to ask, much less who might have the answers. These days, people write to me as if I know what I’m doing. Or like I have a…Continue reading "Writing Insights Part One: Becoming a Writer"