February 12, 2020

Как пишет Марк Мэнсон? Вдохновляющие секреты

My daily writing routine:

- Stretch, meditate

- Make a smoothie, need those calories

- Clean up my desk, can't concentrate with this mess.

- Set up DND notifications on phone, email, Slack, etc.

- Update all software

- Get up and get another drink, need to stay hydrated

- Block social media and news sites for the day

- Review my notes and outline

- Go to bathroom, too much hydration

- Review research

- Get curious about something random

- Start researching something random

- Bathroom again, way too much hydration

- Adjust chair, can't have back problems

- Get sick of random thing, back to notes

- Need another drink, gotta stay hydrated

- Adjust chair again

- Check email even though you promised not to

- Respond to unimportant emails

- Get up and stretch, back hurts

- Adjust chair again

- Oh crap, look at the time. Guess I'm done for the day!